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Tartan Plaid Kilt Kilts Scottish Scotch Highland

We offer kilts in a huge range of 370 tartans, many of which you would struggle to find elsewhere, in the highest quality premium lightweight and mediumweight worsted kilting wool. All of our fabric is supplied by the highly regarded Strathmore Woollen Company.

Our partners at Strathmore pride themselves on maintaining high stock levels meaning most kilts can be produced within 6-8 weeks, although it can take longer. Where a tartan is not available, it could take longer to weave the tartan and make your kilt.

Strathmore wool is renowned in the kiltmaking world for its quality, consistency of colour and its softness.

If you really want a heavyweight kilt or a combination you cannot see (e.g. Weekend kilt in lightweight) just let us know and we'll try our best to help.

The Angus Weekend Kilt

Kilt US Army 5 yard Scottish Scotch Highland

Our Weekend Kilt is a more casual gents' wool kilt, ideal for less formal occasions and great for kilt wearing in a hot climate. These kilts are made with care by our experienced kiltmakers and despite their lower yardage (minimum 4 yards) really still look the part at any occasion. While ideal for hill-walking, fairs, highland games or dances, as well as for general daily wear, these made to measure kilts also look great when worn formally.

These kilts have high quality cotton lining, strong internal canvas structuring and two leather straps. They are made with a traditional 2" rise.

Only available in our machine stitched mediumweight tartans

From £299

The Full Angus Kilt


The Full Kilt is our traditional gents' wool kilt. Made in Scotland from between around 7 and 10 yards of wool depending on your size, this kilt is perfect for all occasions but especially formal occasions when only the best will do. Truly made to measure - most kilt-makers guarantee 8 yards, even if this is too little or too much material for your size. Instead, we prefer to use the right amount of tartan to make you  a perfectly fitting and fantastic looking kilt.

These kilts have high quality cotton lining, strong internal canvas structuring and three leather straps. They are made with a traditional 2" rise.

Available in light and mediumweight tartans - hand-stitched or machined

From £379

Machine or Hand Stitched

Angus tartan plaid strathmore woollen

We're extremely proud of all of our kilts and each one is made with great care and attention, bespoke for you, regardless of whether it is a machine stitched kilt or stitched by hand - both methods are subject to the same strict quality controls to ensure an excellent kilt every time.

Our machine stitched kilts are a premium Scottish product, remember that a machine stitched kilts still takes great care, skill and precision to make well. It is difficult to tell the difference in pleat stitching between our machined or handstitched kilts.

However, the handstitched kilt is made completely by hand by our experienced kiltmakers and is a true heritage item, made using centuries old traditional methods and rare skills.

Making your Angus Kilt

Strathmore woollen plaid tartan

Angus Kilts are only made by dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable kilt-makers with many years of experience. Our kilts are treated with the greatest care throughout the process, are bespoke made to fit you and are never mass produced or imported. Your kilt is checked for quality at all stages of the process and before sending to you, to ensure fit and quality.

Our kilts are only ever bespoke made from the highest quality worsted wool. Our kilts are never topstitched and in fact the finish on our machine stitched kilts is so good, you might think it was stitched by hand. Our handstitched kilts are heritage items made with great care and precision.

Every Angus Kilt comes with a FREE Strathmore kiltpin.

Scottish Tartans Authority Member

Angus Kilts is a sole trader member of the Scottish Tartans Authority.

We do this because we wish to help them to preserve, promote and protect our tartan heritage. We also aim to help to promote and protect the traditional weaving and kiltmaking industries in Scotland by producing high quality kilts made by skilled kiltmakers using traditional techniques to produce true heritage products, which we are very proud of.